Lady tastes shit miss_Di

Lady tastes shit miss_Di Amateur Copro

A beautiful lady in a pink coat. Decided to poop on the package, pushing the leopard Thong I first peed on them. Then tried to do a vacuum of the stomach to keep my shit inside closer to the outside. I unbuttoned his coat showed his white bra bandage. I got cancer and pushed until my long-awaited shit came out. It fell out of my butt on the bag. I’m glad to see such a good poop, big and nice smelling.
I kneaded it on the package like dough, did it skillfully and masterfully. Unbuttoning my pink coat again, I smeared my shit on my white bra. Then she buttoned up and smeared her bright pink coat. Then I decided to try the shit and I shoved it in my mouth. Then I put shit on my lips and farted a lot. So several times repeated manipulations. It turned out fun and she did everything with pleasure and in a good mood.

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