JG-462 Self-filmed Defecation and Masturbation PART-3

JG-462 Self-filmed defecation and masturbation. Female onanists enema! VOL. 3

This work is a compilation of self-portrait videos of amateur throat metamorphosis and masturbation while resisting the “enema” stimulation. The women who were no longer satisfied with SEX or masturbation were looking for more pleasure and it was “enema”. They slowly insert the drug into the hole in the buttocks and inject it into the body without hesitation. The malodorous lumps that have been kneaded into the intestines and the liquid are mixed, and the pain is gradually given to them. The pain gradually reincarnates into pleasure, and the white juice shines from the pussy… From the anal it is brown and cloudy feces… The enema fluid seems to leak from the hole many times on the way, but in the desperate appearance, hold down the anal with your fingers and put up with it, even if your beautiful fingers get dirty with feces. Then, the pleasant sensation suddenly radiated from the brain and anus like an angry wave. Obscene sounds and sweet voices unison throughout the room. Enjoy the ultimate scat masturbation woven by perverted M girls.


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