FF-594 Schoolgirls bullying schoolgirls with an enema.

FF-594 Schoolgirls bullying schoolgirls with an enema. Abominating poop leakage!

Bullying at school has never ceased in any era, and on the contrary, today’s escalating bullying is much more brutal than we adults think. Among them, bullying by enema is the most cruel bullying. The main criminal students call the target student to an empty place and order the victim to insert an enema into her butthole and have it injected. The perpetrator students who even smile when they see the victim student who is in pain. A situation where she is pressed down and cannot move. She keeps screaming earnestly, but such resistance is in vain and the time of the limit is reached. With a violent explosion sound, the victim student’s pants are brown and gradually swell. A most tragic sight. But even so, the perpetrators weren’t satisfied, and the assailant students lifted the pants, pulled them, and even pushed them to the floor to do the cruelest possible thing. Japan school girls Shitting in Panties 💩