ARMD-450 Home Odor Kuritorisu, Komuro Rei, Yuuki Reona

ARMD-450 Home Odor

A hideout where those who survived across time and space gather. A girl was confined again today in a closed room with a foul odor. The scars of war… A small resentment of continued persecution has passed through generations and brought about a big distortion in the present age. A red-fingered mistress, a black-tongued page, and a black-faced man with a special genitalia. A body that gradually assimilates by eating excrement and exchanging bodily fluids. A foreign language flying around. Explosive Kungfu action! A stateless scat AV is born here.

Cast: Kuritorisu, Komuro Rei, Yuuki Reona, 栗鳥巣, 小室零, 結城レオナ


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